WordPress Developers

We are corporate WordPress CMS developers. Large scale deployments, to plugin development and corporate software conversion. We can convert the biggest problems into solutions that your team can use for the next 20 years.

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Software Development

PHP, mySQL, Access, ASP, JS, jQuery, VBA, SQL, ExtJS, acronyms for API’s and code languages that we work with on a daily basis. If you have a project, our consultants can deal with whatever you can throw at them. (just don’t throw anything heavy)

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Hosting / Network Admin

Need 10 times the bandwidth at a moments notice? Need storage for more than 10 years? Need a more secure place to host your business? We solve network demands. We don’t pretend we know, we know! (or we rent the guy that does)

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wp-header-logoCorporate WordPress Developers

We are full scale, high-end corporate WordPress developers. From custom WordPress themes, to implementing third party WordPress templates, our sites are developed to handle thousands of customers (not just visitors) a minute. We do the SEO, the custom reporting modules, even integration into third party software, such as salesforce, and email autoresponders. Whatever your WordPress needs, we accommodate any requirement.

Dedicated Piklist Developers

What is Piklist? One of the most important advancements in the WordPress community for developers. It allows us to do incredible things within the wordpress interface and API for our clients. It also saves a lot of our time developing, giving you a lower bottom line. It is the future of CMS and WordPress development and we use it exclusively on every WordPress project.

Featured Client:<br />Summer at St. Georges

Featured Client:
Summer at St. Georges

Summer at St. Georges creates summer camps for 3000+ kids a year. We took 16 years of in-the-head processes, out-of-date and out-of-print software and we created a single Wordpress solution. From building their eCommerce system from the ground up, to extremely secure hosting needs, to process integration beyond what most companies will ever need, we gave them a single package that will fulfill their needs now, and far into the future.


Marcus Eby, a 25 year Internet development veteran (thats like a 1000 years in non-internet businesses) is the 'decider' behind BitKik.com. After enduring countless startups, ad agencies and a few solid fortune 500 companies, he has decided to take his 1000 years of experience and 'extremely boring' coding stories to create a single place where bright companies can get the help they need. No project is too big, or too big for BitKik. Drop us a line with your next 'big' project.