How long have we been doing…

Wordpress Development

7 of the 11 years WordPress existed.
  Some of the highlights of what we do:
  • Plugin Development
  • Custom Post Types
  • Mobile and Desktop template design
  • Custom Theme development or purchased theme repurposing.
  • Ecommerce integration (no matter what your banking API)
  • Ajax and CSS front and back-end interfaces
  • Non-destructive WordPress coding (so any wordpress updates do not break an installation or plugin)
  • Email and Newsletter integration and design (we can build, or implement it)
  • SEO prep and ongoing
  • Marketing your site, on paper, on social, or online

Software Development

23 of the 25 years Websites existed.
  Some of the highlights of what we do:
  • Desktop Applications (PC/MAC)
  • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, MS)
  • Web Applications (jQuery, JS, ExtJS, Cake, PHP, F3, CSS3, HTML5, etc…)
  • SaaS Application development (so you can resell or license)
  • VBA, Excel and Access development
  • Database Administration and Schema design (mySQL, SQL, Oracle, etc…)
  • Server side applications (PHP, ASP, ASPX, CFM, etc…)
  • Sourcing, Hiring, Training: staff, coders, designers, management, executives
  • Concept, Budgeting, Implementation, Delivery,¬†Maintenance, ROI Analysis
  • Gerbil Wrestling (not that again)

Hosting / Networking

24 of the 25 years Websites existed.
  Some of the highlights of what we do:
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Single Server Setup and Hosting
  • Multi-Server Networking and Hosting
  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Network Administration
  • Windows, Unix, Linux Platform Consulting
  • Network Budgeting and Analysis
  • Sourcing, Hiring, Training: In-house IT, Network specialists, DBA’s, MCSE, CCIE, CCNA, Unix/Linux Administrators, Cloud Networking Administrators
  • Maintain existing infrastructures and hardware
  • Infrastructure budgeting and project management
  • Assemble Systems

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