What is it like to work with BitKik?

This is to whet your appetite for working with us and by no means represents the workflow for every client and every project, as needs change from project to project. But it will give you an idea of how we like to work on a software project.

  • Phone Consultation

    This is where it’s determined whether or not we need to move into the client discovery phase and where our time and your time connect. If we take a project, then client discovery sessions are planned over the next days, weeks or even months.
    • Client Discovery (Paid)

      Now is when the real connection between Bitkik and our clients happens. Discovery can happen in one session or over multiple sessions, depending on your needs. We work with you to finalize which tasks need to be completed. Then we consult with you to determine the level of involvement we`ll need in order to problem solve the development process. (it`s not unusual for us to work alongside our clients at their place of business)
      • Contract Finalization

        This is where we (both of us) decide on the structure for the contract and the contract itself. Also, during this phase we sign all the NDA’s and finalize the budget. A super fantastic fun time for all, but we make it painless and we TRY to make it fun.
        • Internal Development

          Usually done in 1 week blocks. This allows us to get our work done internally, so at the end of the week, you can see and review each block as its completed.
          • Client Staging/Deployment

            After an internal development week has passed, we take the internal code and make it public to you the client. Now we can consult with you on what has been accomplished, what is still to be completed and exactly where we are on the timeline, as well as discuss any edits or changes that may be needed.
            • Alteration Cycle

              Once we have completed our deployment and we have consulted with you, any necessary changes are done during the following week. This is done in tandem with Internal Development. If at any time we need more developers to cover the edits as well as the new code being developed, we add more people to the team during these phases.
              • Internal Debug and Testing

                While almost all of our coders work hard to debug their code while writing it, its not until more than a few people get their hands on a new application, that the bugs start to come to the surface. We put together a team dedicated to breaking everything they can, informing our coders on what to fix. This process on average only takes 1-2 weeks.
                • Client Staff Workshop

                  Now that everything seems to be working, have you tried the software out yourself? We encourage our clients to get their staff to start using and trying to break the new app/site/tool. It only takes a few sessions for us to glean all that we will need to go into the final phase of development.
                  • Final Development

                    After all the suggestions and budget alterations have been made and approved, the final stage of development is completed. From a few days to a few months, depending on the scope and needs of your product. (This stage includes Internal Development, Client Staging and any Alteration Cycle’s as needed)
                    • Final Client Review

                      We want to make sure we make the best products possible as I’m sure you do too. This means that not only do our clients, but also BitKik sits down to present, analyze and critique its final product. This is more than just a final reveal, but a chance for any nagging issues and requests that may have never been addressed, to see resolution and implementation.
                      • Marketing and ROI Analysis

                        After some time has passed, as part of our service, we come back to our clients to analyze exactly what they’ve have accomplished. We build you a report (based on the data you provide and allow us access too) that shows how your product(s) are performing in comparison with any other metrics that are important to you. (previous products success, time utilized by staff, costs, etc.) You’ll know exactly what you gained from working with BitKik.
                        • Contact Us with your Next Project

                          We know how you feel when what you ask is delivered on time, on budget, and exactly how you hoped. So when you find yourself back at square one, give us a call, we’ll grab a coffee and we’ll discuss your next big project.

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